Packet Pickup & Check-in

Packets available on Saturday, September 22, from  1-5 pm at Riverfront Park in Salem, near the Carousel.  There will be another running event occurring in the park that day, so make sure to look for the right tent!  Day-of-race packet pickup and check-in will start at 6:00 am on Sunday, September 23, at the Rotary Pavilion, near the north parking lot.  Body marking for triathletes will occur at check-in and at T1. Please note, packet pickup closes at 7:15 for all runs and 7:30 for all multisport.

Day-of-Race registration for all events is available if you want to bring a friend at the last minute, just please note to arrive 30 minutes before your desired race if you are not registered.  Registration will also be available on Saturday at the Packet Pickup tent. Registration cutoff for new registrants is 7 am for all run only events and 7:30 for all multisport.

Start Times

All events start at Riverfront Park unless noted below:

7:30 am – Half Marathon (note time change)

7:40 am – 10k/5k

7:50 am – 10k/5k walkers, dogs and stroller wave

8:00 am –Sprint Triathlon and Duathlon start (Duathletes start in T1 in Wallace Marine Park)

8:30 am – Olympic Triathlon and Duathlon Start (Duathletes start in T1 in Wallace Marine Park)

9:30 am – Kid’s Run

Parking & Gear Check

Parking: There is limited parking in the North lot at Riverfront Park, adjacent to the check-in area.  Access to and from this lot will be closed off from 7:00 am until 9:30 am on race day Sunday, since the half marathon and bike courses pass through the Water Street access.  There is also parking available downtown, either on the street or in several parking garages.  No parking will be available in the South lot, near the Carousel, since access to that lot will be blocked by the bike course.  As mentioned below, Triathletes and Duathletes may choose to use the parking lots in Wallace Marine Park, on the east side of the river.  All parking is free, with no time limit on Sundays.

Gear Check:  There will be a gear check at the Rotary Pavilion in Riverfront Park, directly adjacent to Check-In.  Plastic bags will be provided and your race number must be written on the bag.  Please do not put any valuable items in the gear check bag.


Party in the Park:  Be sure to stick around after the race for the food, drinks, and general fun in Riverfront Park.   Runner’s rolls, fruit, and other goodies will be available at the finish line, and a food truck will be selling food to the general public.  For half marathoners, triathletes, and duathletes, Café Yumm! will be providing a free spread, and a free beer, wine or cider awaits anyone over 21.  Your race bib will have tear-off coupons.

Yoga:  For a relaxing and energizing after-run stretch, try out the free yoga session that will take place at about 10:30 am, right next to the tent.  Amy Morency of Indigo Wellness will lead the session.  No yoga mat or special clothing required!

Awards Ceremony:  There will be a rolling ceremony following the finishes of the various events.  The 5K/10K/Half Marathon awards will start at around 10:00, Sprint Tri and Du at 11, and Olympic Triathlon and due around 12pm.  There will also be fun items raffled off during the awards ceremonies.  Your race bib will have a tear-off ticket for the raffle.  You must be present to win a raffle item.

Course Logistics

Run Course Support:  There will be water and electrolyte stations on the run courses, approximately every two miles.  There are also several port-a-potties along the way, as shown on the course maps.

The courses will be signed with mile markers and turn arrows.

Bike Course:  Signs and volunteers will provide clear direction on the bike course, which starts at T1 in Wallace Marine Park, crosses the Union Street Bridge, and passes through Riverfront Park on its way past downtown and then south towards River Road.  There are several very sharp turns as you approach and leave the Union Street Bridge, and bikes will be sharing the path with pedestrians (hopefully not many at that hour), so please use caution.  Most of the bike course along River Road will be open to traffic, and there are more sharp turns along the way.  There will be sheriff deputies and flaggers to help keep bikes and cars separated from each other, and volunteers to provide directions and warn of sharp turns and other hazards.  Please heed all warnings.

Swim Course:  Swimmers will start in waves, jumping off the boat dock at Riverfront Park.  Space on the dock is limited, so athletes will wait at the top of the access ramp before being released in small groups to proceed down to the dock.

Water temperature as of September 3 was 65 degrees F.  This temperature is expected to drop a few degrees by race day.  Swimmers should be prepared for cool water swimming in a river with a current.  If you have not already thoroughly read the Swim Guide for this course, please do so now:

If at any point (including day of race) you decide you do not want to participate in the swim, you may transfer your registration to either the Sprint or Olympic duathlon.  If you wish to make this change, please email until September 21, or you may make the change at the check-in table.  At T1 in Wallace Marine Park there will be a warming station with hot drinks available.

Triathlon logistics:  Transition 1 (swim to bike) is on the opposite side of the Willamette River from the start of the race.  Triathletes will need to bring their bikes to T1, which is at the boat ramp parking lot in Wallace Marine Park, get everything set up, and then return to Riverfront Park for the start of the race.  We will have a shuttle van available if you would like to park on the Riverfront Park side and ride your bike about a mile across the bridge to T1.  This option may be especially appealing if you will be checking in on Sunday morning, since check-in is also at Riverfront Park.  There is also parking available in Wallace Marine Park if you choose to drive directly to T1 and either leave your car there or drive back to the other side.

Wet Suit logistics:  We will be providing bags at T1 for your wet suit, marked with your number.  If you do not put your wet suit in the bag, make sure our volunteers know which bag your suit goes into by placing them together once you’ve removed your wet suit.  After all swimmers have transitioned to their bikes, we will transport wet suits to the Gear Check area at Riverfront Park where you may pick them up after the race.

Duathlon start:  The duathlon will start with a 1-mile run, beginning and ending at T1 in Wallace Marine Park on the east side of the river.  Duathletes will then transition to their bikes at T1.  The second transition (bike to run) is at Riverfront Park on the west side of the river.

Transition Area Security:  Both T1 (in Wallace Marine Park) and T2 (in Riverfront Park) will be monitored by volunteers starting at 6:00 am.  Please do not plan on setting up in either transition area before 6:00.