People posing for a photo while standing in the Willamette River in Salem in body suits. Willamette River Swim Clinics Available | Rotary Riverfest

Willamette River Swim Clinics

In preparation for this year’s Rotary Riverfest, Mediterra Swim and Run is offering swim clinics for open river swimming. You can attend clinics on certain Wednesdays or Saturdays between now and September 11th (more details).

You may view the 2019 version of  Triathlon Swim Guide they have created for participants in this particular race to describe the route and give them some idea of how to prepare adequately to handle the demands of this course.

Join their clinics to get acquainted with the sections of the triathlon course, and to practice different aspects of the race experience, including swimming near others, navigation, sighting, turns, swimming against/with/across current, and more.

Guidance on open water technique will be offered, but this is not a swim technique lesson. If you are in need of stroke technique, breathing and fitness training you are warmly welcomed to contact Mediterra Swim for information about how they can help you with that.